Residency Centro Huarte - Rethinking the container

Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP)

Term: 21/09/2016 - 24/08/2017

Call for applications


Centro Huarte and hablarenarte: announce an open call for a 1+2 month residency (timeframe phase I: January – February 2017, timeframe phase II: April-June 2017) in Huarte, Pamplona, Spain. 

The call is part of the activities of the Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP) and seeks artists and other cultural and social agents who are working in this field of artistic practice to research and work around the building of Centro Huarte (CACH).

Artists’ Residency: “Rethinking the container”

  • A research process through which to redefine Centro Huarte’s architecture

Until now, the Centro Huarte has been a large exhibition center in Huarte, a small town near Pamplona, located in natural surroundings in Northern Spain. The center has always experienced difficulties due to the fact that local inhabitants saw no reason for such a place to exist in their town. The four new directors propose to completely transform the Center’s structure and function, in order to define it as a space for artistic research and production.


This residency opportunity allows creators to contribute experiences, concepts and nascent ideas to this process of co-management. A unique opportunity to rethink the functioning of an art institution from the ground up.

The residency is conceived as a collaborative process for a variety of disciplines, from art to architecture, sociology, etc. The proposals should not be limited to spatial interventions on the building, as the process also contemplates the search for previously unidentified problems and their possible solution, as well as for opportunities that arise in the course of the Center’s actual transformation.

The goals of the residency:

  1. To carry out a joint research with a group of local collaborators to address the new needs of Centro Huarte and its relation to the local structures.
  2. To present and carry out a collaborative art project based on the previously analyzed needs.

Residency stages

The residency will take place in a specific time framework, but the definitive dates will be agreed with the resident once the selection process has been completed.

  • 1st stage (in Huarte): 1 week of participation in a workshop, 24 - 27 November 2016. Open to everyone who is interested, this laboratory invites to reflect on the Center’s architectural and spatial possibilities. Participation in this laboratory is obligatory for the resident, as it will allow him/her to obtain first-hand knowledge of needs and proposals as well as familiarity with the agents with whom he/she may collaborate during the residency process.
  • 2nd stage (in Huarte): 1 month residency in the town between January and February 2017. This stage should be dedicated to research Centro Huarte and its setting and to define the project’s concrete framework in collaboration with a local group.
    • Intermediate stage: Between the residency periods, the resident will develop the project proposal in continuous exchange with the local collaborators.
  • 3rd stage (in Huarte): 2 months between April and June 2017. The resident will be back in Huarte to realize the project, a material or non-material art work in collaboration with local groups.

Centro Huarte’s context

Huarte (Uharte in Euskera), is a town of 7,000 inhabitants in the periphery of Pamplona, capital of Navarre. In this local context, the Centro Huarte has been seen from the very beginning as a project unrelated to the town itself. The Center opened in 2007, just before Spain’s real-estate bubble bursted — a crisis that still affects the country today. As a space for exhibiting contemporary art, the arquitecture of Centro Huarte has followed the museum-white box trend.

The recently appointed Directors—a team of four women with a transversal, feminist perspective—focus on a collective, horizontal and relational approach to work. Their aim is to convert Centro Huarte into a place for artistic production in order to foster a cultural ecosystem in which artists, researchers, collectives, teachers and cultural agents can be co-managers. This, in turn, calls for a transformation of working approaches, as well as a modification of Centro Huarte’s physical structure.

The town’s institutions and certain cultural and social collectives are interested in establishing closer contact with the Center and bringing it into local community life.


  • The call is open for artists, architects, cultural agents, sociologists or social workers who are interested in the borders between disciplines from a practical and/or theoretical viewpoint, and whose working approaches includes collaboration.
  • Applicants should currently live in one of the 5 other countries of the CAPP-network, namely: England, Finland, Germany, Hungary or Ireland
  • There is no age limit.
  • Language: Good proficiency in English is essential. Basic proficiency in Spanish or Basque is useful.
  • Only one application per person or collective permitted.

Commitments of the organization

hablarenarte and Centro Huarte as organizing entities assume the following commitments with regard to the selected artist:

  • to ensure the implementation of the residency in collaboration with the artist
  • to introduce the resident to the local artistic (and non-artistic) community
  • to accommodate the artist during the residency in Huarte
  • to pay an artist fee of 3.000,00 € (before taxes)
  • to pay a total of 1.350,00 € of per diems for the 3 month residency
  • to cover travel costs for a maximum value of 900,00 € (VAT included)
  • to cover costs for the production of the work up to 5.000,00€ (VAT included), which is basically intended for the production of the material or non-material work in the 3rd stage. (The selected resident and Centro Huarte will develop a detailed budget for the production during the process.)
  • to cover a liability insurance for the artist
  • to document the process of the residency in appropriate format

Required additional documents

Given that the proposal generated by the residency will have to arise from shared work with a local group during that residence, applicants will not be required to furnish proposals for definite projects. Instead, their application should include starting points and ideas that indicate the possible directions their future proposal might take.

Please upload the following 2 documents summarizing your activity (max. 5MB each, pdf format):

  • An updated CV.
  • A PDF with a maximum of 5 examples of recent projects, with images, captions and short descriptions. (You may also include links to project websites and videos documenting the projects.)

Dates, deadlines, procedure

  • Schedule and Deadlines:The call for applications opens on September 21 and closes on October 19, 2016 at 23:59 CEST.
  • Applications: The application has to be submitted using the form on this page. Please make sure that all required attachments are included. Incomplete or incorrect applications cannot be considered.
  • Criteria for selection and resolution: A jury of hablarenarte:, Centro Huarte and one cultural agent from Huarte will choose one proposal among the entries according to the submitted documents and the profile of the artist.
  • Notification: The successful applicants will be notified by Monday, October 24, 2016 at the very latest.



About CAPP

Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP)

hablarenarte and eight European partners joined in November 2014 to form CAPP (Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme), a research network around collaborative art and the proliferation of such practices.

hablarenarte: has formed a network of four Spanish contemporary art centers from different autonomous communities, seeking to join forces to implement the programme in a broader territory and increase the level of socially significant collaborative art projects in these centers, while promoting the creation of a network between Spanish institutions and their counterparts in other European regions.

The members of the national network are: ACVic (Vic, Cataluña), Centro Huarte (Huarte, Navarra), Medialab Prado (Madrid),Tabakalera (San Sebastian, Basque Country)

The European partners of CAPP are: Agora (Berlin Germany), Create Ireland (Dublin, Ireland), hablarenarte: (Madrid, Spain), Heart of Glass (Liverpool, GB), Kunsthalle Osnabrück (Osnabrück, Germany), Live Art Development Agency (London, GB), Ludwig Múzeum (Budapest, Hungary), m-cult (Helsinki, Finland) and Tate Liverpool (Liverpool, GB).

The second line of activities of the CAPP programme in Spain are residency programmes in the four participating art centers, that takes place between September 2016 and December 2017.

CAPP is supported on a European level by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union (EACEA), and on a national level by Spain’s Public Agency for Cultural Action (AC/E), furthermore it counts on the contribution of the involved Spanish partners.



Submission term closed.

Closed on 24/08/2017.

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