Espacios Vitales. Arte y creación en la UAM


Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Espacios Vitales is a reflection on the way how creative processes work in contemporary art and the ways in which the artists and the audience relate to space. Work that has been created for a determinate location –beyond the limits of a location which is dedicated to artistic exhibition - aspires to call the attention of the audience that passes by every day, causing new looks and relations with the surroundings, and reactions of uncertainty, surprise, doubt or rejection.

During three weeks, the venue of exhibitions of UAM University, the Pavilion B and the Faculty of Humanities will host the projects of seven young multidisciplinary artists who have been suggested to intervene in different areas of the university with pieces designed on purpose for this exhibition and to reflect on the way how each of them understands the notion of space.

Óliver Añón (Barcelona, 1982) shows us in his videos  the corridors and rooms through which hundreds of students walk every day, even though the way he manipulates the images makes the locations almost unrecognizable in the final montage. The installation by Nuria Fuster (Alcoi, 1978) explores the qualities of the used materials, giving them a new meaning through the decontextualization from their original use. The place mats by Fernando García (Madrid, 1975), conceived for the cantina of the University play with provocation and language on an ephemeral and fleeting support. Juan López (Cantabria, 1979) transforms one of the busiest areas of the Faculty of Humanities, by using bulletin boards. Esther Mañas (Madrid, 1974) and Arash Moori (Birmingham, 1977) present an installation in which light and sound turn into elements that transform the expositive space. Guzmán de Yarza Blache (Zaragoza, 1976) reflects through his video on discipline and competitiveness in the processes of training and education, that are implicit in the academic practices.

Organizes: hablarenarte:
With the collaboration of:
 Grupo de Investigación de Cultura Visual Contemporánea (UAM) y Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes y Extensión Universitaria (UAM)
Curated by:
 María Azcoitia
With the support of:
 Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, Departamento de Historia y Teoría del Arte, Servicio de Educación Física y Deportes, Colectividades Ramiro.
With the help of: 
Ministerio de Cultura

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