Músicas memorables III - #2 Music Production Residency

Planta Alta, Madrid

The third stage of Musicas memorables is on, developing the residency stage on oral memories.

On November 2022, the artist and educator Christian Fernández Mirón carried out four laboratories of oral tradition in the cities of Lleida, Girona, Tarragona and Barcelon. The recordings compiled in the meetings with groups of elder people generated a new material that would be the starting point of the musical residency.

During the residency, the artists carefully listen to the collected material to create a new one based on a collective creation process. Each artist brings his own perspective and subjectivity to the songs, with the aim of creating a repertoire that will culminate in the recording of Músicas memorables’ final playlist. The songs will be presented at a gathering with the communities that inspired it, in a tour that wraps up the final stage of this edition, in the spring of 2023.



Anna Ferrer is a native of Menorca and an admirer of the old, of the past as a place from which to create something new, which is never entirely new. Tradition, grandmothers, the countryside, the sea, the harvest, cables, electronics, leather, string, wood, voice, singing, communion, singing in communion. She lives in Barcelona, where she sings, composes and decomposes songs from other times. She tours alone a show called Parenostic; and with orchestra a show called Trencadís. All of them start from tradition and all are creation, all of them start from creation and all are tradition.

MANS O is the artistic alias of Roman Daniel. With rhythmic and sound experimentation as a central axis through the production of electronic music, his practice expands from design, to dance and critical reflection. He identifies himself as a restless musician thanks to the diversity of projects to which he is exposed; the collaboration with other creators, infrastructures or art and music collectives is a constant that keeps him creatively attentive. In spring 2022 he has published NON OBVIOUS ''BEATS'', where he recovers his origins as an experimental beatmaker in 33 rhythms.

Christian Fernández Mirón works with projects that go through art, education, music and design. He was a founding member of the collective JA! a member of GED (Education Group of Matadero Madrid); has developed soundtracks and musical projects such as the free improvisation orchestra FOCO or the contemporary opera Todos caníbales. He has worked on initiatives both in the independent and institutional areas that have led him to have extensive experience in projects specifically designed for teenagers, children, families, adults and seniors; questioning and exploring the pedagogies, sensitivities and established formats.

More info about Músicas memorables.


Músicas memorables is a project created by:

hablarenarte / Christian Fernández Mirón.

With the collaboration of the artists:

Anna Ferrer y MANS O.

With the support of:

Fundación La Caixa and Caixa Forums from Lleida, Tarragona, Girona and Barcelona.

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