Open call for residencies in Madrid

Planta Alta, Madrd

Other Edges of the World

OPEN CALL for 2 fully-funded residencies for artists or other art professionals based in the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia

Within the framework of the international project Other Edges of the World, supported by the Creative Europe program, we are looking for artists based in the Czech Republic and/or Slovakia interested in developing work in Madrid connected to ideas of center(s) and peripherality in current times.



About the project

Other Edges of the World deals with the decolonization of power structures behind the center/periphery dichotomy. We propose to take a closer look at terms such as “local” and “central” and find out their meaning in the post-pandemic European conditions. Enhancing a network of independent organizations operating in the field of contemporary art, the project attempts to provide a platform for in-depth artistic research.

The concept of center-periphery is often used to describe power dynamics between different regions or populations. In a decolonial perspective, this means recognizing the ways in which Western powers have historically exerted control over other regions and cultures, particularly in the Global South and the Orient. This perspective invites us to recognize the interconnections between different forms of oppression and work towards more just and equitable relationships between different regions, populations, and genders.

Other Edges of the World delineates possible routes for a journey from the so-called peripheries towards the so-called centers, starting from new understandings of what is subaltern, forgotten or underrepresented and revising the destination point of this trip. It is our aim to articulate a world that is reactive to climate challenges and ready to fight imperialistic, nationalistic, and anti-democratic tendencies.

Partners: MeetFactory (Prague), hablarenarte / Planta Alta (Madrid), KAIR (Košice) and Visual Culture Research Center (Kyiv)


About hablarenarte / Planta Alta

hablarenarte is a non-for-profit organization based in Madrid with 20 years of experience in producing and supporting art projects with a social impact. hablarenarte runs Planta Alta since 2019, a unique residency space in the city centre where it hosts artists, curators, educators and researchers.

hablarenarte is currently involved in a variety of networks and collaborative projects with a range of partners. For example, hablarenarte is associated with other independent art spaces in the city of Madrid in an active platform that aims to expand the understanding of culture in the city’s everyday life. hablarenarte is also developing a variety of projects for different museums and cultural centres involving families, youngsters, older people, cultural mediators, and other agents less present in these institutional contexts.


Current lines of work:

  • New Institutionalism

hablarenarte understands itself as an in/inter/dependent cultural platform, inserted in a broader ecosystem in which small, medium and large-scale agents operate, and where an open, careful, permeable, recursive and redistributive institutionality is at play.

  • Art and education

hablarenarte works on the intersection of art and education as a suitable space for meeting, learning, criticizing and enjoying. In the areas of formal education as well as in non-formal settings, artistic education and cultural mediation make art a common resource through which to reinvent desirable ways of living and world creating.

  • Care and ways of living

Taking as a starting point the deep multi-facet crisis surrounding us, hablarenarte seeks to build through its doing, its projects and residences, alternative modes of interacting based on common support structures, accessibility and sustainable ways of working that put life in the center.

  • Old age and childhood

Resisting the dominant productivist and adult-centric paradigm, hablarenarte considers the urgent need to defend inclusive societies capable of relating, listening and empowering varied subjectivities, in particular those of children and old people. Cultural spaces must, in our opinion, be privileged laboratories in which to test forms of intergenerational justice.




General eligibility

  • Open to artists, curators, critics, mediators, educators, researchers, etc., based in the Czech Republic or Slovakia.
  • Professionals with a sustained practice in the field of contemporary visual arts or related areas.
  • Cultural workers with an interest in the ideas behind the project ‘Other Edges of the World’ and/or the current lines of work at hablarenarte/Planta Alta
  • We can not host residents with families or pets
  • There is no age limit.


Requirements from candidates

  • Health insurance for the whole period of the residency
  • Good command of English or Spanish
  • Make sure you are able to spend at least 80% of your residency time here in Madrid.
  • The production of one public event in agreement with the team at hablarenarte


What we provide

  • Accommodation in a shared apartment
  • A fee of 1000 euros (taxes included) per month
  • A production budget of 500 euros
  • Travel costs


The residency also offers

  • Curatorial support
  • Connection with the local cultural scene
  • Production and PR support for one public event


Interested applicants must send the following information in English

  • CV specifying the details of an artistic career
  • Portfolio (max 10MB) where the candidate’s interests and research topics are clear
  • Statement of interest (max 300 words) indicating preferred dates of residency
  • Short description of the project you’d like to work on and how it intersects with Other Edges of the World and hablarenarte (up to 1000 characters)


Dates of residency

Option 1. September / October 2023

Option 2. November / December 2023

exact dates of arrival and departure will be discussed with the team at hablarenarte


Selection process

Application deadline: 23rd of June

Selection results will be announced by the 30th of June

The selection panel will consist of representatives of  MeetFactory (Lucia Kvočáková, Piotr Sikora), KAIR (Petra Housková, Tatiana Takáčová), and hablarenarte (Flavia Introzzi, Emma Brasó).

The residents will be selected according to their alignment with the topic of the project and the research interests at hablarenarte.



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