School of mutual attention

8-19th June, 2020. Streaming

8-19th June, 2020
Madrid, online streaming

A laboratory of hearing, thinking and acting on cultural participation in education and educational involvement in culture.

What can the cultural community of the educational ecosystem learn? How can we develop such a relationship in a more meaningful, longlasting and collaborative way?



Escuela de atención mutua, (School of mutual attention) is a place we open for meeting and exchanging knowledge and questions, building new and inventive bridges between the cultural ecosystem and the educational community.

The workshop happens in an exclusive online platform. For 15 days, several invited cultural agents will exchange and share inputs on such challenges to devise a series of recommendations and concrete proposals. To that end:

  • We have invited 15 representative agents from both fields, as well as strategic agents working in institutions, to generate a space for debating that will analyse and problematise the relations between art and school, proposing newly sustainable, significant, and sensible collaboration to the identified needs.
  • We put the hearing process in the center of this activity, meaning it is the catalyst of the care we are looking for, facing the critical setting we are living right now
  • Once it is finished, we will present a publication that will include the materials created during the workshop as well as a toolkit with recommendations and strategies.

The school opens itself as an invitation to review our processes from a critical perspective, responding to new demands and challenges in the wake of the current crisis and focusing on children and teenagers. The main goal is to work on an imagination exercise that will allow us to design significant collaboration towards the construction of a new culture more sensible of education and a new school format more sensible of culture.

The project aims at the creation of significant and sustainable public policies that give an active voice to children and teenagers in the designing and building of culture. Its results will be part of a compendium of cultural policies proposals that hablarenarte, in the framework of CCSC, will present to the European Commission.


Escuela de atención mutua is a collaborative project created by hablarenarte and Sofía de Juan, with Medialab Prado, in the framework of Cultural Creative Spaces and Cities. Seven European cities and over twenty cultural and educational organisations are part of CCSC, a pilot programme for the analisys and proposal of grassroots cultural policies, supported by the European Comission. For two and a half years, citizen iniciatives and cultural spaces have been connected to local political agents, through participative processes aiming at identifying the artistic and cultural organisms that actively transform public spaces and cities. Learning from their practices, the goal is to propose a compendium of recomendations to be implemented by the EU.

From hablarenarte, we are working together with citizen and institutional cultural organisations that workwith participating education and with childhood as a political subject.

The participating international organisations are:

  • Trans Europe Halles (Sweden), European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), Peer2Peer Foundation (Holland and Greece), Universidad de Amberes - Prof. Pascal Gielen (Belgium)
  • Laboratorios Urbanos: City of Lund (Sweden), CoBoi (Spain), Region de Skåne (Sweden), Ambasada (Romania), CIKE (Slovakia), Kaapeli (Finland) y hablarenarte (Spain).



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