TRANSPIRE. Agenda 2030 on the challenges of today's youth

Emilio Pardo Bazán Centre

CondeDuque Cultural Centre + Emilio Pardo Bazán Cultural Centre

Saturday 19th + Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of November

TRANSPIRE is conceived as a conference, as a conversation, as a reflection and action around the 2030 Agenda, its powers and its limits, from the perspective of youth and with the proactive force of culture.

Through talks, workshops, actions and artistic pieces, various groups of young people will share their experiences and positions regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Culture, little taken into account in the Agenda, will function as the main vehicle to address issues ranging from peace to energy consumption, through inequalities, health, social welfare and, of course, sustainability.

Transpire is a space to “sweat” the Agenda, put it in motion, shake it up together and perceive contemporary challenges from artistic, activist, and poetic prisms, which allow us a greater agency over the world.

Transpire is an inclusive soccer game with no losers; it is a student forum to address contemporary challenges; it is a workshop where you can fine-tune your sensitivity from an 8-song album; it is a laboratory of graphic activism; it is a meeting of young cultural promoters from the outskirts; it is a concert of a rapper community and it is, in short, a machine to be someone else.

This forum, designed in a participatory way, actively invites teenagers, young people and students to join the different activities. Also, we invite older cultural and social agents who are involved in processes of social transformation and who want to listen to other voices and contribute to these initiatives.

Free access until full capacity: football match, round tables and concert.

By registration: workshops.


Opening activity:

Saturday November 19

Condeduque Cultural Center, 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

  • (re)turn to the patio
    hablarenarte + David Crespo + Dragons of Lavapiés
    Free activity with no registration required. Football matches from 5 years old, also for young people and adults + area for younger children.

    The central courtyard of Condeduque becomes a space for playing on Saturday afternoon. In this session, entitled Actions for the cold, you are invited to participate in various football matches with different rules. A field for more than one ball and with unforeseen obstacles.


Thursday, November 24

Centro Cultural Emilia Pardo Bazán
Pasaje de Colón, calle Goya 1A

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Two self-managed round tables moderated by groups of young students about their concerns related to the SDGs, sustainability and youth culture.

  • 1st round table: Land to take off again

    Who decided the SDGs and how are they put into practice? What issues do they not address, and what role do historical and social contexts play in achieving them? Can we imagine alternatives to these global goals? What can art and design, speculation and science fiction contribute to these endless challenges.

    With Lola Zoido (artist), Institute for Postnatural Studies, among others. Organized by students from the Fine Arts and Design degrees at the Complutense University of Madrid: Lorena Ares, Guillermo Barbancho and Carmen Cabrero (coordination: Emma Brasó, hablarenarte)
  • 2nd round table: Uchronias of Madrid

    Organized by students from the Master's Degree in Cultural Management UC3M x MGC UCM (coordination: Carlos Almela, hablarenarte).

5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

3 simultaneous workshops for groups of 15-20 people. With prior registration.

  • Workshop linked to the climate crisis with the activist group Extinction Rebellion Madrid.
    Maximum number of participants of any age: 15-20
    Aimed at designing and creating artistic elements that contribute to the development of an act of protest. We will work with different objects and materials in order to integrate them into the strategies used in an action.

  • Workshop linked to Sustainable Cities and Quality Education with Adrián Arrogante and the association Apasiónate
    Maximum number of places available in addition to the organizations: 6
    An assembly with different cultural and youth organizations from the Region of Madrid. An assembly in which to ask: what is the socio-cultural offer that a young person from the suburbs can access? How important is this offer in the development of each individual? Is this issue included in the SDGs?

  • Live arts workshop with Anto Rodríguez and Óscar Bueno
    Maximum number of people of any age: 15-20

    We are going to meet because with that we will have enough. We are also going to experience different ways of being in the world, of seeing each other, hearing each other, even listening to each other.
    This workshop is made up of 8 exercises that all of us who are there will do together.
    These exercises can be done by anyone. They start from the contemporary performing arts and go towards music, dance, the practices of looking, of presence.
    There is 'other' knowledge that is already in our bodies.
    In this workshop, we will celebrate them, we will shake with them.
    As for the title, we will explain it to you.

Friday November 25

Centro Cultural Emilia Pardo Bazán
Pasaje de Colón, calle Goya 1A

Start time: 7:30 p.m.

Rap/urban music concert on issues related to life in cities and sustainable communities.

  • Concert with Cypher School, freestyle, poetry and creativity community + guest artist
    CypherSchool Madrid is a space for creation and improvisation promoted by El CCEDA LA PARCERÍA, where local and international artists can share their talent with the community.
    Every week rappers, poets, beatmakers, DJs and other representatives of hip-hop culture meet at CypherSchool Madrid to show the community their musical or artistic projects.
    The event is divided into an improvisation part where the DJ throws beats and instrumentals on which the different Mcs (Cypher) improvise, and another part dedicated to showing artistic projects of the community (free mic and guest artists).

Parallel activity:



Organized by hablarenarte, within the programming of 21distritos.

Image: Extinction Rebellion Madrid, 2019

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