Vulnerable cosmologies

Spain - United Kingdom

Vulnerable Cosmologies is a research and creation project that, from feminist and care positions, seeks to connect realities traditionally separated by the social-health system and removed from the field of art: physical disability, neurodiversity and intellectual disability.

What material and cultural structures organize this distribution, and what alternative imaginaries and societies can we construct in the convergence of these universes? What frictions and potencies do we find in the intersection between neuro and corpo divergences? What bodies does the art system leave out, and how can we reclaim a radical inclusivity?

Promoted by curator Carlota Mir and hablarenarte, Vulnerable Cosmologies is developed with the complicity of the Educational Department of Museo Reina Sofía, and artists Costa Badía and Project Art Works.

The project is articulated through cross residencies between Madrid (Planta Alta) and Newcastle (Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art), mappings of the social systems of care in Spain and the United Kingdom, creation laboratories with artists, performative sessions at Planta Baja, training groups and collective publications.

Vulnerable Cosmologies is supported by grants for creation from the Madrid City Council, the Reina Sofia Museum, the British Council and Acción cultural española.


First stage of the project, the Project Art Works residency in April will seek to raise awareness of the work of the collective, in dialogue with existing programs and initiatives in Madrid (Debajo del sombrero, Psico Ballet Maite León, Empower Parents, Plena Inclusión's artistic program, Apama's paper workshop,...). This stay will seek to explore issues such as vulnerability, cultural inclusion, accessibility and representation through a broad prism of human rights. Making visible the ambiguity of care systems and the importance of non-verbal communication, graphic, plastic and affective layers will be deposited over three days, as a sediment and body for new relationships and future research.

The program consists of visits to projects, moments behind closed doors and sessions open to artists, mediators, professionals of functional diversity and institutions.

Public program
Location: Sabatini Workshops (Reina Sofia Museum). Registration:

Monday, April 17 /

11h-14h: Meeting-workshop between Project Art Works and Debajo del sombrero + Cosmologies of care between Kate Adams, Lola Barrera and Costa Badía.

Tuesday, April 18 /

10h-12h: Talk-presentation of Project Art Works Assembly of projects, institutions and collectives in the field of accessibility, neurodivergence and care. With: La Casa Encendida, Empower Parents, Plena Inclusión, Museo ICO, Fundación Banco Santander,...

12h-14h: Meeting-workshop between Project Art Works and Psico Ballet Maite León.

Wednesday, April 19 /

10h-12h: Meeting with activists in the field of disability, functional diversity, mental health and care.

About the artists involved

Project Art Works
Project Art Works (PAW) is a Hastings-based collective of neurodiverse artists and activists. It operates as a platform for collaboration with people with complex support needs, their families and circles of support. Their practice sits at the intersection of art and care, responding to neurodivergence from a recognition of its potencies and impacts. Revising the traditional paradigms of inclusion, Project Art Works resorts to holistic methodologies and formats, video, projects and exhibitions (documenta 15, Tate Liverpool, Baltic) or advocacy networks such as Explorers project. Through his residency at Planta Alta, PAW explores the differences, similarities and relationships between art and care in Spain and the UK.

Costa Badía
A crippled artist, Costa Badía focuses her work on the validation of error, the challenge to stereotypes of beauty and behavior. His artistic practice seeks an alternative way for the coexistence between normative and non-normative people. In the framework of Vulnerable Cosmologies, we seek to develop together with Costa Badía a poetic and political framework from the corpodivergence that can tension the usual forms of care, support and assistance. Inspired by crippled adolescence as a moment of politicization, we will explore diversophilic campamentisms through the memories of activists and the desires of groups of young people. We will make museums places to sit and enable space for the recognition of a cryp time that demands the breaking of the clock of capacitism.
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