Young Curators Residency Programme. Sandretto Foundation


Madrid, Valladolid, Barcelona and Valencia

The Young Curators Residency Program (YCRP) of the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation Madrid consists of an intensive research residency in Spain that has the double objective of supporting the professional and critical development of the participating curators, while contributing to the internationalization of the art produced in the Spanish State.

The residency gives the three selected curators the opportunity to learn about current visual creation in Madrid, as well as to travel to other cities visiting museums, residency programs, and independent spaces.

This intense research process culminates with an exhibition that in this edition is titled La Sagrada Familia is still under construction and is presented in the Sala Anselma of the Ateneo de Madrid between June 5 and July 3.


Coming soon.
This Summer…

La Sagrada Familia is Under Construction

The most famous building in modern Spain looms over Barcelona like a gargantuan anthill. Unfinished. Incomplete. A blueprint evolving in superslowmotion.

La Sagrada Familia is under construction.
It's been for a while now and it will be tomorrow.

Millions gather here to gaze at the building. Are they here to see a church or a historical monument or a construction site? What do they make of the scaffoldings on the facade, the cranes along the spires, the bustle of workers, the beams and the safety nets. Do they erase them from their mind’s eye, forget their presence, get mildly annoyed or temporarily tunnel-visioned? Does the sun blind this activity when they tilt their necks upwards and squint at the steeples?

Or do they accept it all as work. That people actually go there to see the scaffolding. That the monument merely stages the real work of embodying the present. Building not as a noun but a verb. That is the work. Construction as a render of life as it unfolds in real time. A building that swells, ripples and erupts, takes Sundays off and sometimes bunks Mondays, nurses hangovers and heartbreaks, exceeds affordances; that accommodates all sorts of silhouettes, figures, appearances and cameos; La Sagrada as a framework for disassemblance.

La Sagrada Familia is under construction. A proposition in finding ease within unfinished things.

First round of protagonists: Assoukrou Ake, Bruno Del Giúdice, Candela Sotos, Daniel De La Barra, Esther Merinero, Lizette Nin, Lumbung Press, María Eugenia Diego, Youssef Taki.


The three participating curators are:

Nikki Nita Ramírez is an art advisor, gallerist, and curator based between New York and London. Ramírez is the co-founder and co-director of Danuser & Ramírez, a contemporary art gallery based in London championing emerging artists with underrepresented voices. Ramírez holds a Masters Degree in Curating Contemporary Art from The Royal College of Art.

Phokeng Setai is a cultural scholar and independent curator. He recently completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of the Western Cape (South Africa), conducting his research through the Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) and Anthropology Department. Setai’s research focuses on African and African diasporic artistic modes of knowledge production, with a specific emphasis on curatorial practice as an expanded field of intellectual inquiry and creative expression.

Kaushal Sapre is an artist/curator based in Delhi. His work has to do with rethinking the self and the social in everyday technics. He develops web servers, manages an internet radiostation, writes software, teaches at a university, stages images, organises gatherings, makes and performs with experimental sound instruments.

The hablarenarte team has been selected for the second time to mediate this program and work alongside the curators during their residency in Spain and on the final exhibition.

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